With two days in Tulum, you will have time to explore the Riviera Maya’s rich environment and culture while exploring vibrant waters, underground rivers, and jungles bursting with history and wildlife. Take advantage of local attractions while you can!

Trying to maximize every minute of your vacation can be a challenge, especially when you’re off for only a week. If you choose to dedicate 2 full days to explore Tulum and sink into the wonders of what this magical city has to offer, below are a few recommendations on how to make the most out of both days.


Day 1: Ruins and Beaches


Morning: Explore the Ruins  

Make you way to the ruins. If you choose to head to the Tulum ruins, get there EARLY to avoid the crowd as soon as the park opens. There are multiple options you can book online. A private tour is always best to take your time to soak into the deep history behind the ruins. 


If you are feeling a little more adventurous, there are bike tour options available instead worth a try.  If you don’t feel like exercising or pedaling too much under the heat. Try an electric bike tour option instead as an alternative. 


After wandering the remains of the only Mayan city built on the coast, walk down the steep trail, then relax on the scenic beach at the base of the cliffs. 


Another good alternative to avoid the crowds at the Tulum archeological site would be the one Muyil site instead, way off the beaten path.  You can also take advantage of your proximity to the Siankaan biosphere to visit it the lovely wonders of this site 


Afternoon: Swim in Underground Rivers   

After a long day exploring the ruins, the heat will start going up and it’ll be tim to venture inland to see more natural wonders. The Riviera Maya’s magical cenotes (freshwater sinkholes and caverns) are the perfect place to spend the afternoon snorkeling or basking in the sunshine. 


Some vendors include snorkeling gear while allowing guests to explore the intricate cave systems of one or multiple cenote. 



For the more adventurous crowd, experience the surrounding jungle by travelling to a cenote on an ATV or with a bike using the less transited back roads.



Another alternative less intense and more fun would be being a mermaid for a day by swimming in a cenote with a mermaid tail. After all, going out of your comfort zone by trying new things is what vacations are all about !






Night: Shop, Eat, and Drink  

Return to Tulum and immerse yourself in the local fusion of Mexican and Mayan culture and cuisine. If you’re staying in the hotel zone along the beach, you can visit the other side of Tulum on a guided tour that includes round-trip transportation. For a more hands-on alternative, sign up for a cooking class or mezcal tasting that culminates in a communal meal, and share stories with fellow travelers over cocktails. If you’re not too tired, you can hop on a bar crawl and explore further Tulum’s nightlife. 




Day 2: Snorkel and Culinary Experience


Morning: Snorkel the world’s second largest reef. 

After spending your first day immersed in Tulum’s local coastal attractions, it’s time to venture a little outside of the city limit and head into Riviera Maya’s best reef : observe the sea wildlife from the second largest reef in the world, provided by vendors on a glass bottom boat. 


Afternoon: Explore Bacalar or more cenotes

The crystal-clear waters of Bacalar’s lagoon are waiting for you after your morning snorkel. Another great alternative would be to swim with the with turtles in Akumal on your way down from Cozumel or simply enjoy a local cenote. You don’t have to choose just one of the numerous limestone sinkholes; instead book a tour that visits several in one trip


 Night: More culinary experiences. 

On your final evening in Tulum, take time to explore the souvenir shops and craft markets of downtown Tulum and pick up something special to take home. Then, head to one of the many open-air restaurants for affordable, authentic cuisine until you’re ready to head back . 


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